David Wollin is a resident of Port Washington, NY, and has been an avid photographer since he was a teenager with a basement darkroom. Growing up on Long Island, his love of the water, sailing, and water sports made these subjects his early favorites. Getting his first SLR opened up new vistas, and increased his interest in capturing beautiful scenes and important life cycle moments. The camera went everywhere with him.
While living in New York City, David added portrait photography to his skill base under the tutelage of Josef A. Schneider, the renowned portrait and child photographer. He also learned underwater photography from David Doubilet, now Contributing Photographer-in- Residence at National Geographic.
Being a sailor has enabled David to see, experience, and capture many beautiful and dynamic maritime scenes. Travel has provided him with an even greater range of subjects which he has added to his portfolio. His images range from Maine to Florida, from New York to California and other locales around the world.
David enjoys seeing how dramatic lighting, vivid colors, lines, and shapes combine with his subjects to produce eye-catching and memorable images. “Everywhere I go, whether I am just walking along, or driving in my car, I see something or someone interesting. I visualize a great image that I want to capture. Getting the terrific photo that tells a story or shows the beauty of our surroundings is always exciting and challenging. I photograph a broad range of subjects with that idea in mind.”
David is a member of the Art Guild of Port Washington, the Photographic Federation of Long Island , and is Vice President of the Photography Club of Long Island (PCLI). His work has been displayed at the Media Gallery at the Port Washington Public Library, My Studio in Port Washington, Atria on Roslyn Harbor, The Art Guild at Elderfields Preserve, the Manhasset Public Library, the Port Washington Yacht Club, and at Naples Lakes Country Club in Naples, FL.